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Expanding your business exposure is invaluable. It gives your company the visibility it needs to succeed and acquire more customers. At Big Foot Business Development Strategies in Kitimat, BC, we can help you achieve just that. We provide excellent business services that aim to link companies with the First Nations people to integrate growth and development.

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Trusted Business Development Consultants

Big Foot Business Development have consultants who been helping businesses grow for over 20 years in the Construction, Maintenance and EPC industries. Our main objective is to provide sustainable growth, development, strategy and aboriginal relations efforts across Western Canada.
Our team provides progressive experience in Finance, Operations, Business Development, Risk, Contracts, Procurement, Project Delivery, Mergers & Acquisitions which is complimented by our passion to collaboratively deliver value, synergy and sustainable growth to the Canadian marketplace.
We take pride in how closely we look at each client, treating them as the unique business that they are. We believe that while businesses may look the same, each will deal with their unique bundle of challenges and advantages in a different way. Understanding what makes each business different, helps us identify each business’ specific needs and how to best meet them.
Our experienced consultants have been exposed to a full spectrum of construction projects with a progressive background of work on major industrial sites throughout Western Canada including power generation, hydro, oil and gas, mining, bridges and municipal sectors.
Big Foot’s Consultants have been key management team members of some of the largest construction companies in Canada (including…name drop a few company names here). With a primary focus on the oil and gas industry, Big Foot’s Consultants have helped companies’ revenues grow by understanding the market and finding meaningful opportunities for each company’s unique capabilities and services.
Big Foot Business Development Consultants have been focused on Western Canadian “mega projects” where the consultants have developed meaningful relationships with not only key owners but Indigenous leaders and decision makers. Our consultants are well known and respected in the industrial industry and we have the success rate to prove it

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